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The Executive Director, Robert Smith, is the founder of CSCRD, a non – profit organization which was founded on May 24, 1983. It was granted its non-profit status on August 6, 1986.  

Mr. Smith earned a Bachelors and Master of Criminal Justice Degree with concentration in Criminology and Corrections.  Additionally, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and accumulated 18 graduate hours in a MBA Program at Boston University overseas.

Mr. Smith served twenty years in the United States Army and he has extensive training and experience in the field of personnel and administration.  

To expound more on Mr. Smith's experience and background.  Mr. Smith has also retired from the position of Judicial Official and Criminal Justice Professor, where he served in both postions honorably.  Our Executive Director, Robert Smith has also earned an Honorary Doctorates in Humane Letters.

The Secretary/ Bookkeeper, Cleo W. Smith has been performing secretary/bookkeeper duties since 1995 beginning with Robert Smith Associates (RSA), ONV, LLC, and also worked at BB&T in the Bookkeeping Department before leaving to work fulltime with RSA then ONV, LLC.

She earned an Associate Degree in General Education from Wilson Community College and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from North Carolina Wesleyan College


The CSCRD is presently based in Wilson, North Carolina. The organization is among the pre-eminent organizations for criminal justice practitioners. One of the major problems which this organization addresses is the curtailment of deviant behavior among youth and the need for protection among those frequently victimized--their peers. The objective of the CSCRD is to implement a major anti-bullying program, commonly referred to as the Wilson 360 Program in the City of Wilson, North Carolina. Bullying is a serious issue that is growing exponentially due to the internet and social media.



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