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STUDENTS   IN MIND. DELIVERING LIFE – Changing and LIFE – Affirming efforts to bring LIFE – Altering Opportunities


The purpose is to focus on helping children who are bullied and who bully to learn lifelong skills and gain self-esteem. The Wilson 360 Program is unique in that it empowers the middle school children who are bullied by giving them self-esteem and it teaches leadership values that can be used for a lifetime. It also takes the middle school children who are bullies and helps them to see their value as well. Both the bullied and bully would no longer need to join a gang, but will become model students and understand the importance of an education. It is also a holistic program that is diverse and encompasses the whole community for the benefit and growth of bullied middle school students.  The mission of The Wilson 360 Program is to focus on students in grades 6, 7, and 8. The program will also use community-based groups, such as the Wilson Police Department, the faith based community, retired educators, officers of the court, retired military, active duty, reserve personnel, and others to carry out the mission. For those who excel, there is the extra benefit of a two-week summer camp with three phases, to guide students and give extra instruction in leadership.


The commitment to a faith – based effort or group is intended to meet the challenges, systems, prejudices and pain which hinder human beings from embracing their full potential and freeing them to discover a new life as members of the human family. We see beyond our faith tenets to life – changing and life – affirming efforts to bring life – altering opportunities to those who have been neglected and ignored and given no chance to succeed in this world.


This program is not intended to replicate any efforts of the local community but will act as a community-based facilitator in support of victims and their families by providing assistance outside the realm of school infrastructure. The program aims to support school efforts. This program will be coordinated with Wilson County Schools’ guidance counselors, and they, in turn, will share information with parents of victims that seek assistance with the consequences of bullying. The Committee for the Study of Criminal Research and Development, hereafter referred to as CSCRD, will select ten to fifteen, with a maximum of twenty students, from submitted applications for assistance, which will be provided free of charge. The Executive Director of CSCRD will examine each application and notify parents based on program capacity.


The purpose of the organization is multifaceted. Specifically, it


  1. Determines the feasibility of establishing community-based correction and/or prevention programs.

  2. Serves as a reliable clearinghouse for information on the latest developments and techniques in criminal justice and related areas.

  3. Seeks alternatives to incarceration.

  4. Provides assistance to families in crisis.

  5. Prepares students for post-secondary education.

  6. Provides support, information and counseling for students in grades 6th - 8th, who are victims of bullying, and their parents.

  7. Coordinates and produces empowerment events at the Wilson Community College.


The program is composed of four components:


  1. Research and Development (compilation and presentation of research findings on the magnitude of the crime of bullying and development of programs to combat the problem).

  2. Selection of a minimum of ten students to participate in positive reinforcement activities.

  3. Enhancement of participants’ self-esteem through diversity and community resources.

  4. Support and monitoring of the participants through their high school graduation.


Our goal is to lead/encourage the participants to finish high school and to live viable/productive crime-free lives. Participants will meet weekly and their parents/guardians will meet quarterly for updates and guidance. Participants will attend the quarterly meetings also. The CSCRD team will be available to support parents and their middle school age children who are victims of aggressive behavior. The CSCRD team consists of twenty professionals who will be available to assist the program participants. They will monitor the participants’ experiences and require participation in several self-esteem enhancing activities, including but not limited to sessions with life coaches, tutoring, Boys and Girls Club, Police Athletic League, ROTC, swimming, recreation center classes, physical training, and U.S. Army activities.

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